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Lenfest Media Group

Title: Lenfest Media Group
Category: Marketing / Direct TV Sales
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Listing added: Nov 29, 2010
Location: New Jersey
We help to inventors turn their products into household brands by investing in the power of Direct Response Television (DRTV) in order to reach the mass market and exponentially grow sales. We provide the funding for market research, creative development, manufacturing, media buying, fulfillment and retail distribution in exchange for a licensing agreement with the product owner.
Author Nancy Maxwell / Feb 4, 2011
Looking at the site Lenfest has for inventors to "send" their ideas into the night online....first thing it states is we don't promise any confidentiality.... Inventing 101 tells you not to show or tell anything to anyone without a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement... Forgetaboutit!

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